Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Simple Thanks

I'm thankful for:
My family, Without them I would be nothing.
God and his mercy. 
Courage to say I'm sorry and I forgive you.
Music that moves your heart.
My friends, People who want to be with me. 
The mending of a broken heart.
Change, even tho I hate it sometimes.
The future and the hope of things to come.
Second chances.
Linking arms with friends. 
Being able to talk to the maker of heaven and earth.
That God saves my tears in a jar and not one tear falls that God does not remember.

Some of these things may be simple and even dumb, but man. Am I thankful for them. 


Monday, November 25, 2013


I think everyone thought we were crazy when we acted like girly girls and sang our hearts out to 1D or that time we stayed up till 4am saying things only we will ever know. 

But no one will ever know how we snuck out on your roof and talked about the future like we had a clue or when we planed our move to London. I'm sure they would laugh if they ever saw us dance to the best song ever.

I tend to laugh when I think about prom and you know why. I always smile when I think about that starry night that we snuggled under our blankets and swayed to the music under the open sky and I'm pretty sure they laughed as we swayed to the music in time. 

But they can laugh, Because...

They'll never know about when we snuck down to that cold basement and screamed murder and quickly ran away or at 3am when we prayed and I felt a tear and that chilly night we laid on your lawn and wished upon the stars.

I know times have come when we almost lost it all. But I love happy endings to much for that. And as a wise person once said, you're stuck with me for life.

So I hope when you think Anne and Diana, you think US. 


Today shall always hold a soft spot in my heart. This day may mean nothing to anyone else , but I shall never forget. <3


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sky's sill blue

Hello Lovelies! So I'm a pretty happy Girl today! I got my t-shirt from Andrew Bell! (aka, My favorite singer everrrrrr)
//I'm here to share with Y'all a song that touched me.
listen to the lyrics 
feel the music 
and let it touch your soul.///

Ya never see clearly, til ya stop crying
I never found it, until I stopped trying
I stumbled upon ya and fell thru the ceiling tiles
I started a fire, to smoke out my treason's
I tore down a building, to pick up the pieces
And now on a clear glass wall, I can see our fate
But it's a little too late

Oh If you're hearing this
I musta made it through
Oh when the clouds above open up through my window
I'll see the sky's still blue

Ya never hold onto, what we believe in
I think I've lost ya, tell me I'm dreaming
Why do we wait to live, til we begin to die

I made the incision, I begged and I borrowed
I traded my vision, for heartache and sorrow
But now that I've found my sight
I finally realize, I was born to go blind

Oh If you're hearing this
I musta made it through
Oh when the clouds above open up through my window
I'll see the sky's still blue...

///Oh if you're hearing this, I musta it through///
 ~Hannah <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

type of girl..

I'm the type of girl who pulls into a dirt road and rolls down her windows down just to feel the bitter wind upon her hand, with one hand on the wheel and one out the window, i would listen to the music as the trees with their bright colors and glow, sway in time.
I waved at everyone who passed me and I'm sure they must have laughed at my merry smile. But i would be to into the beauty of the trees and the melody of the music to care. 

I'm the type of girl who likes to take a minute to get by myself and to admire the little things and to be free

Hannah <3

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today I am

Today I'm Happy.
I'm just so grateful that God closes some doors and opens others. but I'm also grateful that sometimes God closes a door for a time and then reopens it. :) I'm grateful for the sentence "Forgive and Forget." I'm very glad to hear a laugh today i thought I'd never hear again. I'm very, very grateful that the maker of the stars is taking care of my present and future.

Today I smile, Simply because I'm happy. 
Love, Hannah <3

Friday, November 1, 2013

H's From October.

Healing up these wounds from the past and letting God heal my Heart.

Hoping That maybe you're still out there and that you care.

Holding on to everything so tightly, but then learning to let go.

Having friends who hug you and letting you know you are loved.

Haunting silhouette that i must forgive and forget.

Hurting is of the past.

Happily living my life everyday with a smile.

Hannah <3