Sunday, February 15, 2015

Currently// February

currently //

listening// bethel//we will not be shaken & mikky Ekko//time

eating// anything from this cookbook >epicness<

watching// ringer. this show is, um, cray.

missing// summer

drinking// green tea w/ honey, lemon and Cinnamon. #europeanswag

wearing//  floral & Burgundy. 
reading// catching fire. i know, i know.  i've fallen into the fandom.

loving// me and my brother's weekly bible study.

dreaming// adventure. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Do you ever have those moments when you just stop.
Stop everything you are doing & just take it all in?

I do. I did.

I stopped & looked out my window, breathed in and out.
I realized.
Life is good.

My life is a mess & crazy.
It's good. 

It's amazing, actually.

/ / i have a dad who has aways been there for me & never have i ever, had to worry what we were going to eat or if daddy was coming home. 

/ / i have a mother who has done & giving all she could in raising me.

/ / i have two brothers who, even though get on my nerves sometimes, are great. 

/ / i have three sisters, who are my best friends. they are my romodels and i really couldn't live my life without them. 

/ / i live in a wonderful small town 

/ / i have a bed & a house 

/ / i have friends who love me

/ / i have the God of angle armies always by my side 
what more could i need?
Even if i have but, those few things, i am rich.

More often i need to stop. 
Stop & marvel at this amazing life God has blessed me with.

//i hope that even in the craziness of your week, you find time to take a minute to take in the wonderful blessings of live. xoxo//