Thursday, August 25, 2016

2am sky.

I like to believe that one day i'll wake up, and everything will be okay. 
That all those haunted dreams in my head will become reality and fantasy bites the dust.
That somewhere between here and there, all the star dust in the 2am sky will fall into place. 
That you and i will find the place where humans don't tear at each others limbs, and words don't burn like bullet holes.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Currently- August


listening-  aurora (i went to far) and chvrches (clearest blue)

eating- thai food. omg guys, where has it been my whole life?
watching- pretty little lairs. nothing new here.
missing- my best friend
drinking- iced ginger peach tea.

loving- my new teddy bear from build-a-bear. (yes, i'm an adult. why do you ask?) 

wearing- new high heel shoes from forever 21. hella fine.
reading- nothing. no time. life is sad sometimes.  

dreaming- i wanna travel the world. touch, breath, and feel everything.