Thursday, August 28, 2014

A post card from summer//

I don't want to let go yet.
I want to hold on tight.

I wanna run free.
I wanna hold the warm wind in my hands.

I can't let go.
But I can move on.

Summer was dream.
And now it's simply a postcard to fall.

May// may started as spring and soon bloomed into summer. 

 Shout out to that amazing Bestfriend that whenever they comes to visit, it's always the best of times.


Graduation selfie! Love these girls... They know I'm crazy, but they love me anyways and they join in with my crazy!  

Price Edward Island. You are lovely. You shall always be in my heart and i shall return soon. 

 I want this car so bad! 

June// june was an adventure of uncharted territory.

Heyyyy, look it's "us" again. but shezz, whats summer without your bestie?

Know one can ever say we aren't adorable....
...Or dramatic! Titanic part, 2.

Mount Rushmore// p.s it's even more dramatic in the rain. i know!

I have a wondering heart. I love the open road with the wind in my hair.

 Oh, Montana. you bewitch me. body and soul.

 Ice bucket challenge before it was cool! #hipster 

 White water rafting. what can i say!

 Take me back, Montana. i miss you.

July// july was thought to be chill, but ended up making some of the best memories

Ya know just chillin' with a *cough* really *cough* cute *cough* baseball player... ;)

For those who don't know, i play the bass and did so in a concert.

I know, Shirley Temple, right? haha. #irishdancepreformance

Okay, Camp was amazing. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. met and reconnected with some pretty awesome people and learned so much about God.

Camp coffee! I'm white. sorry not sorry.

These people, gah. We be CRAY.

August// august, well, august was like gusting wind, ready to steal summer away.

More baseball with my favs!

Okay, lets be real. my sisters are my favorite people in the world. i don't know what i would do without them. they know me and love me like no other. thanks for making my summer awesome, sissy's! <3

I was so blessed to spend so much time with the beauty this summer. she is amazing.

More coffee...

It's getting closer to that time! Summer is just around the corner! Time to relax and enjoy the warm weather.
summer was epic, simple, an adventure, stunning, new and so much more.
I'm sad to say bye, so i won't I'll just say, see you later.