Sunday, March 23, 2014

My life lately

Hello, Lovelies! 
Gosh, golly. Has it really been a month since my last blog post? Golly, time sure does fly by...

Well, I don't really know where to start, But I'll just get y'all up to date on a few of my wee adventures and such. 

Late February Sarah (My sis) and i flew to Charlotte North Carolina to visit our sister Rachel at collage. Ah, What a wonderful time. So many wonderful memories were had and so many friendships were made and renewed. I so enjoyed being with my sister and being apart of her world. Meeting her friends, going where she goes and simply being with her. she is a gem. 

Love all these pictures and the memories and people that go with them...
Trips like this are ones i hardly want to end. But like all other good things, it too ended. 
But, what a wonderful time it was!


Next i was off after only 3 days of being home to Missouri to visit my kindred spirit Mich, Aka. Michaela. She is such a doll.  i loved the time we had together that week. i loved our dance party in the night outside, our snicking out to the roof to talk. One day we shall laugh at our late night convos about "Does he like me or doesn't he?" 

I'm so glad i could be there as you got your license and started your job. I'm very proud of you. 

This girl gets me. she one of those people that you are on the same wavelength with. she just gets me. Sure, we've gone though some hard times, but it's the hard time that have grown us together. I love her. Our time together was dear to my heart. We are the prefect mix of funny and serious. Inmature and mature. Awesome and crazy. no one will ever fully get us like we do. 

I can't wait till you and i can be Mich and Sahannah again soon.


3 days after my time with mich, Spring break happened. ;) sorry, i had to make that dramatic. 
Rachel came home and bought with her, Kassidy and Sergio. (Her friends from collage) 
ah, what a good time was had. 
It was a great 9 days. There are those few people that you click with, that you can be "you" with. And i felt that way about them. Kassidy is amazing, she's sassy, kind, funny, she makes great coffee and i could go on and on. she has one of those deep souls. and i admire that... and Sergio. he's great. I don't think most guys would do half the stuff we had him do those 9 days! 

No one else will ever understand half the jokes we made. 
And they probs wouldn't want to. 

Black juice 
Beyonce's Brother 
I can't deal
Get this 

Haha, We be funny. ;) 

Geez, I miss these people (Sorry, I'm having separation loss probs.) 
I think i might go downed my sorrows in some coffee. ;)

But I'm sure i shall see them again soon. 
I'm so grateful to God for bringing them all into my life.   

Well, that it for my life right now, I hope i shall be blogging more now that i have some time to spare. 

Keeps Smiling.

Hannah <3