Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Warmth has returned

The warmth has returned to this corner of the world. 
There isn't any green yet, but i can feel it coming!
The tress have no buds, but yet as the trees sway to the wind, i can tell the buds are coming. 

The bitter winds have died down and the now they are more like a wonderful warm breeze that sings 

"Spring is here... and summer is soon to follow."

My small town is a buzz with tourist as all the small shop reopen with the coming of spring. 

Even the ice cream shop has opened, which makes my heart happy. 

This afternoon i visited my towns coffee shop and for the first time in months, i ordered a frappe with out the Batista giving me a funny smirk. 

I can not tell you in so many words how happy I'm am to roll down my car windows, turn up my music, drink my caramel frappe and drive with no destination. I think it's pretty much lifted my spirits completely. And guys, To run around barefoot again (Best thing ever.)

I'm working on my summer bucket list and i'm also working on a summer playlist. Oh, how i long for summer. But i shall be content with spring for now. 

Winter is gone. 
And my soul is rejoicing.

I love winter and all its raw beauty. 
But, it's time for spring. time for rejoicing. 

Hannah <3