Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What does God say?

Hey y'all! So My sisters (little brother) and I made a parody video of what does the fox say! and i just wanted to show y'all! 

Hope you enjoy and have a good laugh! 

Hannah <3

Monday, January 6, 2014

Newport City//Song

Newport city, Swinging lights. 
Swinging low and swinging high. 
Jet black nights, Dark blue eyes.
They make it easy to hide whats inside. 

Grab your lamp, love and your memories,
Because when we leave this place,
It will be forever. 
And life's to short now to spend a stray.
So I'm getting out of here.
Lets get out of Newport city.

Shattered windows line the street,
They tell a story of heartache and grief.  
You breath in lightly to hide to pain,
But I see right thought you,
So its all in vain. 

Grab your lamp, love and your memories,
Because soon this place will all be forgotten. 
and I see the pain hiding beneath your past,
So lets get out of here. 
Lets get of of Newport city. 

Oh, lets leave this place far behind, 
because I feel it getting dark inside.
And, They say that love is blind,
But all I see is Newport city...