Monday, December 28, 2015

i hope.

 i hope you are happy.
i hope you find what you were always searching for.

i hope you find you.
i hope you find out why you are so drawn to heartbreak.
why it is so easy for you to throw yourself off a cliff.
but yet so hard to keep within.

i hope you can look yourself in the eyes through the looking glass and smile.
that you learned to live with your demons. 

i hope you did it.
 i hope you did all those things that haunted your mind.

i hope you found out why you have a gypsy soul.
why you crave the sea and the pavement lights. 

i hope you find peace.
i hope you learned to stay. to let go. to lose. to be. to love.

i hope you loved with all your being. with your heart, soul, body and mind.
with such a recklessness that it scares even yourself.

i hope you find it.
 not so much a thing, place or even a person.
but a feeling.

a feeling of living.

i hope you lived.

//dear me.